Real Money Slots | Play the Best Slots Online Inside the Top 10 Canadian Casinos

By 14 April 2021

Real Money Slots


In the world of real money slots, there are literally thousands to pick from. Each one presents a real opportunity to win Canadian currency in return. Why online slots though as the game of choice? Well, inside this guide, we are going to explore all the elements of slot gaming. What are the best slots in Canada and where can they be played? Are playing slots online better than using land-based terminals and cabinets? We discuss these features and lots more to give you the gaming confidence when face to face with an abundance of slot choices when playing online.

Real money slots Canada

So, what is it about online slot machines? Slots have long been favored by players long before they turned digital. Slot gaming comes with no skill requirements at a gaming level. You click spin and the rest is self-automated by the machine. All the best slots in Canada work the same way, online slots present players with ease of use and they all come with the biggest jackpot rewards. You get your value, and you get your entertainment.

With real money slots the possibilities are limitless, especially playing slots online that are categorized as progressive jackpots, which hold millions is cash rewards.

Online slots

The progressive slot is a variant of the more common video or bonus slot. The online slots is so diverse in how it can be presented, it just adds to the allure of it. By playing slots online you are less restricted than other games. For every single card or table game there is, there are about 100 slot machines. You soon see inside of the top casinos Canada has, that slots rule in number and for sheer entertainment. The best slots in Canada cannot be matched by any other game and land casinos cannot match the number of real money slots that are found inside the top online sites.

Finding the best slots sites in Canada should be done through comparison sites like this one which will give you top advice and gaming information.

Best slots in Canada

How can you tell which real money slots are the best when there are so many to pick from? Well, playing slots online is, as mentioned, without the need for skill. However, a bit of knowledge can go a long way in the field of online slots.

To know which are the best slots online, you need to know about the developers that make them, the same as you would with anything else. Look at the quality of the maker and you will come closer to discovering the best collection of online slots that are essential to play.

This is so because of how games are made. There are two key software used in the making of games. One basis its win percentage on what money is put into the game, this is known as an RTP algorithm. This is, in fact, the same as land-based terminals, so your chances online are the same offline when playing any form of real money slots.

The other algorithm is the RNG which works on a randomness algorithm to determines who wins. These are important factors then understanding the likeliness of winning and frequency to how you can win.

Plus, the programming of the game’s behavior is what is known as the volatility rating. It will either be High, Low, or Medium.

With a high volatility game, you win less frequently, but the wins you do land return a high profit. Low volatility games present more frequent wins, but the profits are so low, then you may spend more than you make overall. The medium volatility is somewhere in the middle.

Most players online have absolutely no idea of these programming measures that developers use. You now have the understanding to see online slot machines in the grander scheme of things, it’s not about luck, it’s about the programming to make you think luck is the key to winning. It is far easier to convince people that their luck may turn a fortune and win them real money from real money slots. Whereas telling them that digitally programmed games could lead them to success, seems less appealing though factually true.

The programming of games is something that is actually approved by testing labs like eCOGRA, who work independently and validate the fairness and safety of gaming online. If you find online casinos in Canada with a certification by them, then you know it’s a place to be trusted and they will use trusted games and online slots.

Slots bonuses for Canada

When looking to play slots online, you have the option to claim slots bonuses for Canada members. Casino bonus slots are actually very common. They are presented as free spins mainly, but cash credit is also offered to players.

Playing with bonuses allows you to do so with no financial risk to your bankroll. If you do opt to use them, then please read the terms and conditions offered. The terms will highlight the expiry of the offer, what deposits are required if any, what the wagering requirements are, and lastly, what slot games are eligible.

Bonuses are always different between casino sites. Not all casinos have the same games and not all casinos will have the same rewards for their players.

Playing slots online

There are so many different games found online and this is the beauty of the game. The sizzling 7 slot machine odds are massively different to the Halloween slot machine that is made by Microgaming. There are many multimedia slots found within places like Apple store or Google play but these are linked to any online casino platform and are not real money slots.

We strongly advise to only stick with those associated with licensed Canadian casinos. Furthermore, you can also access licensed slot games in their demo format. These are free demo games that give you the same gaming experience as what you get within real money casinos.

Testing real money slots in their demo mode first is a far smarter option when learning about games, than playing real money to play and learn at the same time.

How many slots in an average lock?

The average number of slots is about 500. There are some places that hold 800, and some into the thousands. Many will say that quantity doesn’t matter but it does. Size matters because with more gaming comes more opportunity, more opportunity make it exciting and motivating. A site with 100 games, of which 50% are no good and old, hardly inspires a player to play.

The more numbers the greater range of diversity and that’s what you want. From disco fever slots to sheriff slots. You want to be able to go from ancient Egypt to outer space in an instant.

You want a casino that can present big titles, like the new Ellen slot machine by IGT, you want that buzz and excitement from seeing a game that you know, and TV and Hollywood slots do that.

So, jump into the best Canadian casinos online and play those sky high slots to win real Canadian dollars.